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Table of Contents for the Book
Romans Under New Light
Philip B. Brown ( www.newwine.org )

You can read the entire book online using this table of contents to navigate to the various chapters and sections of the book.

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Chapter 1: Back to the Reformation

1.1) The Wesleyan View
1.2) Catholic and Protestant Differences
1.3) The Motivations of Luther
1.4) The Motivations of Wesley
1.5) A Free-Grace Alternative to Purgatory
1.6) The Original Sin Removed for Everyone
1.7) Unity Begins with Agreement on Salvation

Chapter 2: The Gospel of the Kingdom

2.1) The Gospel of the Kingdom
2.2) A Word Study of God’s Grace
2.3) Those Who Receive God’s Election
2.4) Those Who Receive God’s Wrath
2.5) Watch and be Ready
2.6) Paul in the Context of Jesus

Chapter 3: Laws of Nature, Moses, and Grace

3.1) Living Under the Law
3.2) Those who sin will not inherit the kingdom.
3.3) Living Under Grace
3.5) Overcoming Sin with a Body of Flesh
3.6) Faith Without Works is Dead.
3.7) Really Understanding Law, Grace and Faith

Chapter 4: Reconciliation and Justification

4.1) Reconciliation Elsewhere in Scripture
4.2) Being Credited with Righteousness

Chapter 5: Sanctification and Glorification

5.1) We have been discharged from the Law.
5.2) Those who walk by the Sprit will be Glorified.

Chapter 6: Common Objections and Christ’s Voice

6.1) Objection: God would not let us be wrong.
6.2) Objection: There is no second chance.
6.3) Objection: You can’t completely overcome sin.
6.4)  What does it mean to be sold out for Christ?
6.5)  What does it mean to hear Christ’s voice?
6.6)  What does it mean to obey Christ’s voice?
6.7)  Ten Virgins; Five are Wise and Five are Foolish
6.8)  The Wise, the Foolish, and the Wicked

Chapter 7: Resurrection of the Just and the Unjust

7.1) The Resurrection in Isaiah 26
7.2) The Resurrection in Daniel 12
7.3) The Resurrection in Acts 24:15 and John 5
7.4) The Resurrection in Revelation 20


C.1) The Philippians Road
C.2) The Road of Christ

Philip Brown